Botulinum Appointment Assessment & Injections

£299 60mins

Appointment with consultant

Botulinum/Phenol injections administered

Botulinum Package Injections & Therapy

£899 10min

2 Consultant + 8 Physio appointments

Botulinum/Phenol Injections

**Extra cost for required drug vial

Initial Assessment

£48 30-45mins

Full history and physical examination

Discussing your problem & treatment

Treatment given

Therapy Session

£43 30mins

Review & physical examination

Physio treatment session

Home program issued

Home Visit

£85 per visit

Home visit by specialist Physio / OT

Full examination / review

Rehabilitation at home

Home exercise prescribed

Neuro Rehab

£54 30-45mins

Full history and physical examination

We treat stroke, M.S., Parkinson's Disease, MND, & Spinal Cord injuries

Hands-on approach

Acupuncture + Physiotherapy

£48 30mins

Full physical examination

Acupuncture treatment

FES Functional Electric Stimulation

£95 30-45mins

FES Assessment and examination

Gait training

Education and advice

Medical Consultation Rehab or Rheumatology Consultant

£350 60mins

Appointment with consultant

Full history and physical examination

Treatment prescribed

MDT Assessment Consultation + Physio / OT

£290 60mins

Appointment with Consultant and Physio/OT

Treatment options discussed