Dr Vivek Rajagopal


Consultant Rheumatologist

Dr Vivek Rajagopal  is a Consultant  Rheumatologist and Acute Physician at  West Suffolk Hospital, who can advice on a wide range of medical conditions, for example, inflammatory joint disease such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), metabolic bone disorders such as osteoporosis and connective tissues diseases such as systematic lupus (SLE). Dr Rajagopal is particularly interested in early arthritis and connective tissue diseases.

Dr Rajagopal is also responsible for teaching medical students and providing educational supervision to the Rheumatology registrars. In addition to these clinical commitments, he is actively involved in the development and governance of the rheumatology service. He has outstanding experience in all aspects of Rheumatology and he enjoys the general medical component of his job and feels this complements his rheumatological practice very well.