Medicolegal work

The Medico Legal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MLACP) is a professional network for Chartered Physiotherapists and others who have a special interest in medicolegal work.

An understanding of medicolegal matters is required in all areas of physiotherapy practice and at all stages of career progression. For example, a physiotherapist may be asked to give a report of your involvement with a patient in connection with legal action and other investigations which is called medicolegal work.

We have been involved numerous landmark cases in sports physiotherapy litigation.

We accept instructions for medico-legal reports as expert witnesses in negligence claims against Physiotherapists involving musculoskeletal injury in the NHS, high profile sports, and private practice. Expertise is provided on call or online consultation.


Types of Expert Report

There are many different types of report that an expert witness may be asked to produce. Each will have their own particular requirements and you must be clear what type of report you are being asked to write to ensure your report complies with the relevant rules.